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Accounting serves the purpose to cover critical data on a broad spectrum of company topics, including accounting technology, book closures, controls, funding, expenses, payrolls and much more. The accountant is liable for many on-going extensive operations that might require years of comprehensive training and experience.

The accounting field is much more than that of only dealing with accounts. Also, accounting has a direct relation with decision making, building up different schemes to expand the business in the longer run. In-depth study of accounting for your business setup is necessary to make it reach to the apex. The right accountancy techniques can only handle finances.

Accounting training is provided to clarify the matters by offering the accountant with on-hand knowhow of how to perform many accounting duties. They also provide a very profound understanding of the most sensitive accounting standards.


A successful accountant has the knack of technical skills. Excellent analytical skills can be very instrumental in solving problems, making business decisions and also making comments and recommendations for clients and company for growth. As a result of technological advancement and new global market trends, the job market has now become very competitive. Hundreds of people are applying for a single post, but what makes you a competitive edge are your highly trained abilities to compete with others.


  • It gives you more exposure in your field
  • More exposure means more opportunities of employment
  • It gives you more exposure in your field
  • More exposure means more opportunities for employment
  • It helps you in building interesting and attractive CV/resume
  • Training enhances your analytical skills
  • It gives you broader and better understanding of theoretical knowledge
  • Trainings provide precision to your career option
  • You become more efficient user of account software which is being used globally


Mostly, Accounts training materials submitted to the trainees are constructive in a way that it can pave your road towards success. These material/courses make you eligible to challenge your abilities with competitors. As the employer always requires the best amongst the applicants, who have experience based on practical knowledge. The accounting training material provides knowledge about popular accounting software that can help the individuals to know about the software and its efficient use.

Future Connect is considered to be a reputable organization in terms of providing accountancy services in the UK and other European countries. From mentors to take away materials, everything has always been seamless support to its trainees.



  • Our mentors will work on sharpening your auditing skills
  • We provide all the materials required by the trainees
  • Applicants will receive instructions with many practical examples by our professional trainers.
  • We provide you with the placement opportunities once you are done with the training
  • Our classes contains much information from knowing the auditing skills by managing and checking the programs, reporting and collaborating with the high-level management


  • You will learn about processing the management accounts by using real-life examples in this training.
  • You will receive all the learning material about fund flow, cash flow, budgetary controls, the margin of safety, CVP analysis, costing, profit-loss spreadsheet, computerized accounting and payroll including RTI
  • You will learn about analyzing financial statements in order to make the correct choices in an organization.


  • In this training, we provide you with different ways of understanding VAT (Value Added Tax)
  • VAT scheme, VAT reconciliation, building VAT in a spreadsheet, basic knowledge about TOMS (Tour Operator Margin Scheme), deep understanding of VAT principles and submission of VAT returns to HMRC (Her Majesty Revenue and Customs)
  • We make you proficient in MS Excel, Sage, XERO and other software used by today’s world
  • We generally provide VAT training for UK’s IT software and specifically to our those applicants who are living abroad


  • We typically provide training of basic, intermediate and higher level to assist software users with their daily tasks

These trainings are delivered by our expert professionals who provide practical examples for a better understanding of their students.

  • This course describes how the transfer in tax and employment law has led to variations in legislations across the UK.
  • All the matters linked to payroll are being delivered in this training such as full tax year-end, basic user training, refresher tax year-end training, report writing, Sage, skill development, employment equity training and administration training.


  • In this training, we enable the candidates to face and handle all sort of problems occurring in administration and with subcontractors.
  • We deliver two submitted sessions that are followed by live case studies and scheme to have a better understanding and to upgrade your learning pattern.
  • Learning material includes a business test, turn over checks, payments, monthly returns, knowing disputes and errors, paying subcontractors, processing deduction of tax, prevailing impacts of IR35.

Other accounts training material on software we use are also provided, which include

  1. XERO Training
  2. QuickBooks
  3. Sage training
  4. MS Excel Advanced Training


  • Future Connect accountancy training programs come with guaranteed job placements at the end of your training to assist you in gaining further trust
  • Our work program involves practical exercises in addition to theoretical sessions that will offer you real-world practice with a guarantee.
  • We provide our applicants with an option of interest-free monthly instalments. Our training is priced comparatively low to other training program providers
  • We provide training on up-to-date accounting software that is globally recognized such as XERO, Forbes, QuickBooks, Sage, IRIS, VT, Auto entry and many more.
  • We work as not only training providers but also full-time support to our trainees at all times. We ensure that our trainees keep up with modern world accountancy systems
  • Future Connect provides you with professional and highly qualified trainers who have got years of experience in accountancy.

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